South Pennine Projects & Programmes

Working with our partners across area, Pennine Prospects has successfully secured over £ 4.5 M for Projects in the South Pennines for a range of heritage, landscape and community projects in recent years. This section of our website lists and gives details of all the most recent and current projects being managed or delivered by Pennine Prospects. These projects have;

supported a sustainable economy in the South Pennines. The success of the 2008-2013 LEADER programme in developing the South Pennines as a visitor destination is an example of the ability of our partnership to make an impact.

developed a strategic approach to the natural environment of the South Pennines, maximising the economic and social benefits provided by the natural capital assets of our area. We have achieved national and international recognition for our work in this area through the Watershed Landscape Project. We hope to build on this through the South Pennines Local Nature Partnership and through the potential development of a Regional or Landscape Park for the South Pennines.

promoted social inclusion and maximised the opportunities for communities around the South Pennines to benefit from our area. The natural and heritage assets of the South Pennines provide ideal resources for young people and those outside work to develop their skills, qualifications and confidence. We have a well-established partnership that is able to make progress in this area.

This provides the context for the Company’s activities during 2014 and beyond.

Watershed Landscape Heritage Lottery Fund