What does the South Pennines mean to you?

Posted: 25.10.18

Congratulations to Lucca Minopoi and Olver Taylor and who submitted the winning entries for the under 16 and over 16 categories for a Facebook competition we did recently about what the Pennines means to people.

The South Pennines means Life. Space, Oxygen, Water, Wildlife, Nature, Light, Dark, it has it all. It seems as one from afar but when I am there it’s so diverse.
I am on land but up in the skies, so much to see and do especially as I enjoy photography. I can walk, cycle and run for miles and miles on the track. I like that, I feel safe with no cars or pollution – including light pollution so I can also use my telescope. Huge rocks to stand upon and reservoirs to walk along. Best of all it’s a fine landscape for wildlife which is in increasing danger in towns below.
It needs to be protected.” Lucca Minopoli, (14).

“That unmatchable feeling of heading out, boots laced, map in hand but no fixed destination, from valley bustle by hidden clough and ancient wood, via hillside hamlet, pleasant pasture, burbling brook and secret stile to timeless moor and views galore. That.” Oliver Taylor