South Pennines' Photography Competition 2018 launched

Posted: 22.04.18

Capture the magic of the South Pennines and enter the ‘Through the Lens’ Photography Competition 2018
The South Pennines has inspired artists for generations and now we would like to showcase this stunning region through the power of the lens. The South Pennines’ Photography Competition is open to all, amateur and professional. The only limits are geographical; all the images have to be of the South Pennines.
“Can you capture the magic of the South Pennines through your lens? Would you like to share your images of this iconic landscape? If so, now’s your chance,” explained Adele Adams, competition organiser.
“We are looking for photographs that demonstrate the diversity of the area from its rugged wildness to its industrial heritage. Photographs that help to define or describe the South Pennines, not just its landscapes but also its wildlife, its people and the events that take place here would be great to see. Why not send us a shot of a local character in your town or a kingfisher on the riverbank?
“We have so many wonderful producers in this area too; photographs of our farmers or artisan food producers would really help to demonstrate our area’s distinctiveness. This competition is all about celebrating everything we have in the South Pennines,” explained Adele.
“Photographs will be used to promote the area, to help raise awareness of the area’s beauty and unique charms. The photographer will be credited for any photographs used in this way, helping to publicise the area and the photographer at the same time,” Adele added.
This competition is free to enter. Winners will be selected to appear in the South Pennines: ‘Through the Lens’ greetings cards, will receive a free set and their image credited. 12 selected images will feature in a roving exhibition across the South Pennines (venues tbc).
The competition is being organised by Pennine Prospects, the organisation working in and for the South Pennines. The competition is open to all, camera club members and amateurs, residents and visitors alike. Competition deadline: August 5th 2018
Please click here for an entry and consent form.