The South Pennines Local Nature Partnership

Pennine Prospects achieved Local Nature Partnership status for the South Pennines in 2012. This recognition by Government to deliver the objectives of the Natural Environment White Paper ( 2011) as part of a family of 50 partnerships nationally.

The South Pennines is the only significant upland landscape in England that is not designated as a National Park or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The Local Nature Partnership will underline and emphasise the value and importance of this unique landscape and raise the profile of the South Pennines in local decision-making processes.

The boundary of the proposed LNP follows the outline of National Character Area 36; operating across three city regions to reflect natural habitats and responding to the opportunities and challenges presented by the landscape. This lack of a single administrative unit means that a partnership approach is required in order to provide a coordinated response to the opportunities, benefits and pressures on the landscape.

Reflecting natural features, systems and habitats the Local Nature Partnership will enable coordinated action to sustain, enhance and promote the Ecosystem Services provided by the South Pennines to adjacent areas with large populations (e.g. the supply of good quality drinking water, the mitigation of flood risk and carbon storage). In undertaking the above, LNP status would provide the impetus for individuals, communities, businesses and local organisations, through Pennine Prospects, to understand the economic benefits of protecting biodiversity and ecosystems and promote a thriving green economy in the area. The South Pennines is a cherished landscape lying at the heart of three city regions.

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