Annual Conference Workshops 2017

Four workshops explored the role of the South Pennines in the 21st century. Download a full report on the workshops here

Workshop 1: The South Pennines – a resilient and thriving local economy

A chance to explore socio-economic opportunities and potential for a regional park through:
• Celebrating local distinctiveness
• What is it like to have a business in a distinctive landscape?
• Local economies – rural and urban regeneration through tourism
Creating new but authentic tourism experiences

Download Matt Bell’s presentation here

Workshop 2: Celebrating Landscapes through Arts and Recreation

• How do we identify local distinctiveness and raise the profile of landscapes with distinctive character and cultural heritage?
• Engaging people with their landscapes – reconnecting
• Celebrating our landscapes and heritage through art – what is your inspiration?
• A discussion on why our landscapes are important to us and what makes them so special
• Explore opportunities and potential for:
o Recreation and outdoor activities
o Trails
o Health and wellbeing

Workshop 3: A space for everyone – Let’s talk about the South Pennines Regional Park

What makes us different? Local Distinctiveness
What is important to you?
How do we buy in?
What does it mean for communities?
Concept for a distinctive place, place identity, unique landscapes, transport networks, urban fringes, rivers.

Workshop 4: The South Pennines in the 21st Century – A vehicle for Natural Capital Investment – A Roadmap for Capital Investment?

South Pennines Regional Park- a vehicle for natural capital investment

Download Robin Gray’s presentation here