Annual Conference 2016 Workshops

Four workshops examined the importance of distinctive landscapes. For a full overview of the workshops please click here

Workshop 1: All Landscapes Matter!

The workshop was led by Michael Starrett, Chief Executive of the Heritage Council, Ireland with a presentation by David Vose, Senior Advisor, Landscape and Integration Team, Strategy Implementation, Natural England, in which he highlighted Conservation 21: Natural England’s Conservation Strategy for the 21st Century and its significance for Pennine Prospects and the South Pennines.
For David’s presentation please click here

Workshop 2: From governance to funding, what value do our landscapes have?

The workshop was led by Helen McDade, Head of Policy of the John Muir Trust, with a presentation by Patrick Candler, Chief Executive of the Sherwood Forest Trust, Chair of the Regional Park Board. Patrick detailed the steps that have been taken to establish a Sherwood Forest Regional Park, which will be launched in spring 2017.
For Patrick’s presentation please click here

Workshop 3: Local distinctiveness and special qualities/character of landscapes

Howard Davies, Chief Executive of the National Association for Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, led the workshop and Nick Collinson, Head of Natural and Historic Environment Suffolk County Council, gave the presentation entitled ‘The Brecks: a story of distinctiveness and missed opportunities…landscape and governance’. Nick introduced the distinctive landscape of the Brecks on the Norfolk Suffolk border, which did not become an AONB.
For Nick’s presentation please click here

Workshop 4: Distinctive landscapes and people
The workshop was led by Wilf Fenton, Environment Consultant, who also gave a presentation entitled ‘Strengthening the North’s Green Heart’ in which he suggested the creation of a Great North Green Ribband. Robin Gray, Development Manager, Pennine Prospects, gave a presentation on ‘Valuing our distinctive landscapes’ in which he examined the many ways in which the South Pennines is distinctive and has value, for its people, wildlife and the environment.
For Robin’s presentation please click here
For Wilf’s presentation please click here

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