Our Business Plan

Pennine Prospects’ business plan covers the distinctive uplands landscape of the South Pennines; part of the Pennine hills lying between the Yorkshire Dales National Park to the north and the Peak District National Park to the south east. This landscape is one of stark contrasts: from open moorlands and pastures enclosed by dry-stone walls, to distinctive stone-built settlements in narrow valleys. It is a rural landscape lying at the heart of three city regions (Greater Manchester, Leeds and Pennine Lancashire).

The annual business plan is set in the context of longer-term aspirations for the sustainable development of the South Pennines through:
• Providing leadership to the sustainable development of the South Pennines
• Raising the profile of the South Pennines
• Supporting partner organisations to enable the delivery of projects and services across the landscape
• Refreshing the governance of the organisation and identifying new opportunities for income generation

Specific targets will be achieved through the leadership of the Pennine Prospects board, the on-going commitment of partner organisations and the work of the dedicated staff team.