Every place should have a Local Distinctiveness Coordinator

Posted: 23.02.12

LANDSCAPE, culture, produce and social heritage lie at the heart of what makes the South Pennines special: what creates its local distinctiveness.
Promoting the area’s uniqueness, the elements that add to its character, is the challenge accepted by Rebecca Yorke, the Local Distinctiveness Coordinator for the South Pennines.
“Local distinctiveness is what makes one place different from another,” said Rebecca. “It’s the small details, often taken for granted by the people who live in an area, which are loved and remembered. Today’s visitors are looking for more than the glossy, packaged list of things to see and do. They want to feel they are really getting to know a place, experiencing something special and meeting local people.
“By developing and highlighting our local distinctiveness, we can offer visitors a unique experience which they will enjoy, take home with them and tell their friends about. They will also be encouraged to return to the South Pennines resulting in a positive and sustainable impact on our local economy.”

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