Artisan Longhorn burgers are proving a tasty success thanks to grant from South Pennines LEADER programme

Posted: 24.10.17

Longhorn cattle are now classed as a rare breed, despite the fact their beef has been recognised for its flavour for over two centuries. A farm in Slaithwaite, Huddersfield is putting the breed back on the culinary map in an unusual location: the Rumpus Burger Bar occupies a former public convenience in Church Street.

It’s a different location, as Harry Garside, Rumpus Burger Bar manager explained: “We realised this venue offered us a great opportunity in the centre of the village. Slaithwaite is a real foodie place, with the Handmade Bakery here too. The Burger Bar isn’t big but it’s quirky. We’ve only been open for three months and we’re already very busy.

“Our artisan Longhorn burgers are proving very popular; they’re all made from our own cows, which graze just a short walk from here. It’s that provenance that people really appreciate; they like to know where their meat is coming from and ours is direct from field to fork. They offer a rich flavour; the proof is in the eating,” added Harry, who worked with Longhorns on an Oxfordshire farm as he studied for his Agriculture with Farm Business Management degree.

In addition to the award-winning Longhorn burgers the Rumpus Burger Bar sells burgers made from the family’s Limousine-cross herd, also grazing the fields in the Colne Valley; land which has been farmed by the Garside family since 1904. And it’s bringing prosperity to the village too. The Rumpus Burger Bar has already provided local employment, with expansion plans now in the pipeline.

The site was transformed into the Rumpus Burger Bar thanks in part to funding from the South Pennines LEADER programme, which is available to support rural businesses in the South Pennines area. Applications are still being accepted for the programme, which has a budget of £1,269,000. It runs until 2019 and is managed by rural regeneration company Pennine Prospects.

The programme is designed to offer support to increase farm productivity, as well as support for micro and small enterprises and farm diversification, rural tourism, the provision of rural services, support for cultural and heritage activity and for increasing forestry productivity. Grants can be awarded for up to 40% of the cost of a project. There is a handbook and guidance notes available from the South Pennines LEADER website at

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